Tips for a Healthy, Loving Relationship

Living and loving are some of the things we have to live and do in this world. You can’t avoid the fact you need to have healthy loving relationships so as to grow as a social human being who is happy and satisfied. Support and a shoulder to lean on in tough times can be a source of mental and spiritual nourishment. There is nothing better than a person who compliments you.

Below are some tips that can help you grow in your relationship:

  • ·         Have fun in your relationships. If you are not having fun then you are not dating in the right way. Relationships are about having better experiences in life and knowing that you shared them with someone who cares. Some of the biggest reasons people stick in abusive relationships is because they fall in love with someone who takes and never gives in return. 
  •      Find someone who suits your needs. Compatibility is the key to any relationship and if you disagree with your partner on almost anything then your relationship might not go far. Know which activities both of you find as fun and enjoy them together. Healthy dating is about having happy childish moments together. All with a light touch. 
  •  There is nothing like good sex. If you are not a champion in the sack it might be time to grab a how to video or read some blogs about pleasuring your partner. Sex is like glue that can hold relationships together and help you weather any storm.
  •      Be respectful towards your partner and do anything that puts them down or makes them unhappy. Some people might not understand the difference between playful teasing and being outright cruel. If something doesn’t make a person happy or if it upsets your partner, avoid it. You wouldn’t want them doing the same things to you. 
  •    One more thing you should have is a healthy relationship with yourself. It will not only help you relate better with your partner but with others as well. Have other friends you can hang out to prevent suffocating your partner. This shouldn’t happen though if you are maintaining the spark in the relationship though.

A healthy relationship can be a constant fountain of joy and support. Strong bonds help us thrive in our societies and make our lives happier and worth living. Find yourself someone to love today.