How to Date a Girl who has a Boyfriend

If you have met or know a girl who is dating and you think you are the best man for her, how can you get her? There are things you can do to convince her to leave the other man and be with you. After all life is about who makes you happy.

The first thing you have to find about her is the seriousness of the relationship she is in. It might save you a lot of wasted time if she is completely taken but hey if you think you can be a better man for her it’s something you should give it a try. If her relationship looks like something you can take a bold step and ask her about how she feels about the relationship. Try to be a more fun guy around her and gauge her interest levels in you. Interest is important to you unless you want to end up in the dreaded friend zone or worse, her male girlfriend.

Another way to go about it is ask her out like you have no idea she is dating. Just play your game man and never worry about the animals in the park. If your game is tight then you must already know that the fall of empires and establishment of new kingdoms is the story of our lives. You won’t be doing anything new if a girl likes you more and wants to stay with you more than her boring boyfriend. Girls just want to have fun right? You be the fun, or the definition of it.

Become a challenge to her and never reveal your interest levels in her. This is one way to steer clear of the friend zone. A good rule of the thumb is to love her with actions, not words. We do not speak the same language women do and body language works better for men. You don’t want to be the mushy mushy guy around women. Women have an affinity for breaking such guys’ hearts.

Avoid letting her get away with dating two guys. If she cheats on him, she will cheat on you. After all you were comfortable with it right from the start. Avoid as much as you can being the side dish. If she likes you enough or even loves you, ask her to break off the relationship with the other guy. It might be a good way to find out whether she is really into you or she is just having the better of two guys.

Always remember that game can be upped and if a guy has a girl you really want to be with, just up the ante and go for her. Life is about better and better. If you can give her a better relationship then why should she be with someone else? Dress the part, meet other people and try dating other girls to avoid being too available. Trust me it will improve your chances of success with the apple of your eye.

Avoid attachment. Inasmuch as you want a woman badly, it’s never good for you if you have to beg for her affection. It reduces you from a virile warrior to a poor wimp. You attract women by displaying male characteristics like control, confidence and power. Develop portraying yourself as a better man instead of trying to convince her you are. Women can see better than they can hear.