Older Women Dating in Kenya: Why the Cougar is Giving Young Girls Real Competition.

 There are so many young men who have decided that the beauty of youthful girls is no longer worth their attention. If you have been paying attention to the dating scene in Kenya, you must have noticed that girls have become more of gold-diggers than lovers, dating sugar daddies as opposed to men their age. This has led to older men dating younger women while the men are left with cougars as their only choice. While you might think that this is a disadvantage, most young men we have talked to actually prefer dating older women.

"Our crop of young women have just lost it. They are not ready to help you when going up but still want to gatecrash when you make it," 25year old Kevin says. "Kenyan women are a lazy gold-digging lot. She made it in campus courtesy of sexually transmitted degrees and probably thinks that what nature endowed with her will take her everywhere."

Most young men see their age mates as idealists who have no touch with the economic situation in Kenya. They will milk you dry just because you happen to be born with two balls. To them men are like slaves who should toil just to satisfy their every whim. If you are not the cash cow, you might be lucky enough to be the sex machine when sugar daddy runs out of blue pills.

Real Kenyan men who still believe that a man can love a woman and be loved in return are dating sugar mummies. These older women are more forgiving financial wise, less bitchy, understanding and value men.  Most guys we have interacted say that they will never date a younger woman unless they are paid to do it.

The only thing the different youth sex groups in Kenya share is mistrust. Nobody is ready to trust the young woman in Kenya because she is probably making up for the times she has never cheated on men. She thinks having sex with multiple partners will heal the hurt of the past, of finding love in the depth of pockets rather than the heart. Men on the other hand know this and if you are having sex without protection, you are lost. Research has shown that women in 15-49 age bracket have a HIV prevalence of 8% while men 's is at 4%. See proof.

The cougar is here to stay and is actually a better partner than your young thing. She has more experience, more money, more confidence, more of everything. Unless young women wake up, your dream husband will probably be taken by that 40-something divorcee.

For the young men who can't wait to land a stable woman for love and romance, here is your link to fulfilling relationships.


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