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As we move into the digital age, it's becoming harder and harder to meet people offline. Just walk down any street in Nairobi and see how people walk so fast, by the time you stop that guy who caught your eye, you have been knocked down by the ever serious delivery boy.

It can equally be boring and expensive in the long run if you have to take every woman you meet for a date. There should be a way two people can get to know each other before a date can be arranged. With the economy as it is, you definitely don't want to be spending your money on every other girl who smiles at you.

For those in the know, Richsweetheart: free dating for all people is the number one site for eligible singles from all races and all parts of the world. More and more people are joining this awesome site so as to find love. What encourages more singles to join us is the fact that they have realized that all profiles are hand picked and quality. You will hardly find any scammers there. We also allow you to block troublesome people so you can have all the peace you need in finding love.

Reasons are many and varied and everyday we get another reason why people are joining our site. Some of the most attractive features are:
  • The most advanced matchmaking sytem
  • Free unlimited messaging and winks.
  • Meet new people from your area and beyond easily
  • Full featured chat and internal messaging.
  • Photo gallery
  • Profile views and winks.
These are the same services that people pay a lot of money to access. We however have decided to offer them free to you for a limited time period. You can take this grace period to meet and date all the people you have always wanted to.

We are growing by leaps and bounds everyday. We would like you to be part of us every step of the way. We promise you that you will love the journey and you will meet all the singles in the world.

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