Why Younger Men Like Older Women

Much has been said about younger men falling for older women. They mostly have been abused, labelled as lazy, losers, gold-digging perverts and worse. However, these younger people persist still. And not all of them are interested in the money and the cars. Some just want a woman who is older than them for fun and good times. So what makes these women so attractive?

For one, with the gym and beauty products, the forty year old no longer looks like your grandmother. She is the quintessential MILF. She is so cute you will wonder where all the years went. She is confident, outgoing, knows what she wants and will definitely go for it. In one word, the older women of today are simply irresistible.

It's a challenge. Imagine seeing this beautiful lady whom you know by all means should be out of your way. What if she could fall for you? That would be a dream come true wouldn't it? And society is against it so it becomes a 'sweeter taboo'. Most young men I have interacted with say that chasing a cougar can be the most intriguing thing!

Another thing is that the older women are no longer interested in marriage. She might be divorced or has kids and walking down the aisle with the love of her life is a fantasy that evaporated when she hit her late thirties. Now she just wants to have fun. These young men definitely fall for this feel-happy attitude and trips around and beyond are just too good to say no to.

Experience. Nobody is falling for the virgins anymore. I'd rather go to Somalia and get smeared with my own blood than that of some girl I took a year and a half to woo. After all it's no longer some trophy you would show off to your friends anyway. These older women have some good experience within their shoulders and if you wannna be John Holmes this is the way to go.

Younger woman are materialistic. Unless you have some good money or you can fake it then you are doomed to die single. Our sisters stopped falling for love and now go for the coin. It's all about dollars and cents unless you are willing to go cougar.

Most young men are and who would blame them?


  1. I need a sugarmom ny age ny sizee for fun n company. Am not afta money buh fun

  2. i need a sugar mummyy. . .am 21 years old a university student in eldoret ...am also good in bed.